This piece, called “Precious Blooms,” was inspired by an oft-repeated message in the body positive community that human bodies are just as diverse and beautiful as flowers.  We don’t favor tiny camomile blossoms over large, wrinkly peonies, so why should we favor one body type over any other?
 “Precious Blooms II” is for people who don’t want full-frontal nudity on their walls or who just like butts (or both!).
 I know that baths are such a self care cliché, but they really do improve my state of mind! In this illustration, I expanded on my peaceful fantasy that the parts of my body above the bathwater are little islands.  When I posted this on instagram I was surprised to hear that lots of other people have had the same fantasy since they were little kids, just like me!
 It’s just so much more fun to draw diverse people than the same thin white woman with her hand on her hip over and over!
 In this illustration, I showed some love to my fellow apple-shaped bodies who often feel left out. I’m the third from the right! :)
 I made this doodle in like 5 minutes on a bad body image day.  It shows how the path to self love is super hard sometimes!!
 I drew this on Thanksgiving when I was thinking of all the things I’m grateful for.  This illustration, as sweet and positive as it is, garnered a large number of hate comments, and The Huffington Post did an article about it  here .
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