For the last several years, I’ve aimed to make a new feminist illustration in honor of International Women’s Day.  This “YOU GO GIRL” piece is from 2018.
 This is the fourth iteration of my Intersectional Rosie the Riveter piece, initially created for International Women’s Day 2013.  As I learn to be a better and more inclusive feminist, I try to update my older pieces to reflect that growth.
 I sell prints of my art at craft fairs, and at my first fair after the 2016 election, a customer saw this Michelle Obama piece and immediately teared up.  Her reaction made me tear up, and then my cool ceramicist boothmate teared up too.  The election had us all feeling so raw, and it was nice to have that instant positive connection with a stranger because of my art.
 I made this for International Women’s Day 2016.  It’s the first illustration I’ve done where I secretly included myself into the group of ladies.
 I made this for International Women’s Day 2017 (I snuck myself in there too!).
 I made this in honor of Pride Month 2017. I asked my LGBTQ+ instagram followers to send me photos of themselves and/or them with their partners, and I drew as many as I could fit into this print. All those QT couples are real!!
 A reminder to my trans sisters during this administration and always
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